Friday, November 30, 2012

American Dream

I'd like to be taller,
not too much, just to have long and slim legs.
I'd like to be slimer,
just to be lighter in your arms.
I'd like to be smarter,
to make you jealous of my body and my brain.
I'd like to be gorgeous
to forget that you loved another girl in the past.
I'd like to be rich
so I don't have to come to work in this stupid office.

I'd like to be famous
but I hate the paparazzis and I love the respect of privacy.
I'd like to be an artist
but I don't want to be sad as artists are.
I'd like to be British,
so I don't have to use google translation to make this little story.


  1. ^^ I'd like to be happier,
    but I'm already a bit happy because I Know you....
    Bisous doux,

  2. I'd like to find a mistake,
    But it's difficult to do.
    And as your friend said earlier,
    It's nice to know you too.